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Welcome to Kingdom Ministery. We move in Power evangelism, proclaiming the gospel boldly wherever God leads us. Operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Kingdom ministries are "passionate' in making true disciples, who are able to heal and walk in power.

We follow the commands of Jesus, to love God with your whole heart and soul, and your neighbour as yourself. We aim to walk in the same power as the first disciples, and teach this to all believers.

The true church of God do not escape out the back door when the devil is breaking down the front door, but rather be the church of Luke 10:19 We regularly visit hospitals, clinics, townships.....anywhere God calls us. If you would like to book any of us to speak at your church, please contact us

Our Amazing Team

Amelia Mathee

Power Evangelist

Morne Zeelie

Power Evangelist

Alex McGowann

Power Evangelist

Alan Champkins

Power Evangelist


My name is Arthur Cullen.

On the 7th of December I was informed by a doctor at Groote Schuur hospital that I have cancer and there was the possibility that I could loose my right eye. They decided to operate on the 17th of December and remove the tumor. I drove past a church in Tableview and decided to go in and listen to the service. I listened to a lady talking about the healing power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit told me to go to her. Unfortunately after the service, there were too many people around her and I left. I got her number from the church and asked her if she could pray for me. off course she agreed 🙂

I met with her and she prayed for me. While she was praying, I encountered God and felt His fire go right through me, and was at complete peace. The next day I went to the doctor who confirmed that the cancer was dead....gone!! The wound has healed beautifully and I did not need any skin grafts. My eye is perfect and healed, and I know it was the work of the supernatural God of the Bible, and Amelia was just doing His work.Thank you Jesus. I am very grateful en believe more than ever in the healing power of Jesus Christ. Thank you God that I am favored and thank You that You healed me.

Thank you Amelia. you are truly gifted with doing His work. Best Regards Arthur Cullen

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